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We Came As Strangers

Justin\'s Band with Ellem, Owen Thomas and Tim Harries

We Came As Strangers, and left as friends :)

Solo Blues 1

NEW ALBUM is finished :) and it's sounding awesome!

Making the last record was one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling musical experiences of my life. To go away with a bunch of great friends to make a record, with no other objective than to make something we liked was a rare and wonderful thing. So we're doing it again!

We had two weeks crazy fun in Dorset all recording together, then while Owen was working the mixes in LA, Justin was finishing guitars in London, then we all got together again in LA for the mixing and finishing off!

It's having this kind of 'artistic outlet' that helps keep me in love with music, and the need to share it, so by supporting me in these projects you are also helping me stay inspired to teach and share what I learn!

Pre-Orders - help us finance the new album :)

To help us finance the making of this record we'd really appreciate your support by pre-ordering the record! You can hear what we came up with on our last album, Recipe For Adventure on iTunes, by checking out this YouTube Playlist of all the songs from the album, or you'll find the album on Spotify.

I'll tell you straight, in this new digital age, being able to make records properly is a lot harder financially... by the time we pay for the studio rental, accommodation, food, transport, mixing studio, mastering, print and manufacture, (and more), the project will cost well over 10 grand so we really need support to be able to keep making albums. Yeah we could do one in our home studios and track each instrument one at a time, but we love being 'in a band' and living together and being in a supportive completely creatively environment ... it's an old school idea these days but we love it!

As well as the pre-order or the digital album, we have CD's, t-shirts and other bundle kinda packs, and some awesome VIP goodies for the super supporters :)

PLEASE READ: Just so we're all super clear about this...

Buying using the buy now buttons below you are pre-ordering the album which will go out only to you wonderful people that support is with a pre-order on May 26th. We'll be sending out downloads and posting CDs that week.

The official release date is not until June 23rd.

Pre-order album download, CD, T-Shirt and bundles...

Pre-Order NEW ALBUM as digital download

Click the image to the left to pre-order our new album! Why? To support us in this brave new world of self funding and doing it without a label. We need your support to make it happen and pay the bills (making a record ain't cheap!)

You'll get the full album before it's available publicly, on May 26th 2014.

£5.99 (approx $10 USD)


Pre-Order NEW ALBUM on CD + download

Click the image to the left to get an actual physical CD of the album as well as the download, we'll be posting these on May 26th so you should recieve them shortly after!

£9.99 (approx $16.50 USD)
The price includes worldwide postage :)


Pre-Order the NEW ALBUM on CD + download + Recipe For Adventure CD (2013)

This bundle off will get you the NEW ALBUM and our 2013 debut album Recipe For Adventure, both on CD and download. Both CDs will be posted together when NEW ALBUM is manufactured.

£14.99 (approx $24.50 USD)
The price includes worldwide postage :)


Pre-Order the NEW ALBUM on CD+ download + WCAS T-Shirt :)

We all love the t-shirt we did for last album (and they've been so popular we're going to print another run shortly!) so we thought we'd give you the chance to get the new (as yet undesigned) t-shirt. You'll have to trust us that we'll make it look awesome!

We'll email everyone who ordered a t-shirt and find out your size and which design you want in mid May. These will ship with the albums on May 26.

£19.99 (approx $31.50 USD)
The price includes worldwide postage :)


View the purchases in your cart :) and check out.


Pre-order VIP Goodies

We know there are some of you who really like supporting new music and would like to get involved so we've got some exclusive VIP goodies available too, all very limited numbers.

Signed CD

Numbered and signed by the whole band, there will only be 50 of these available, a little bit of history :) Price includes postage.

£50.00 (approx $81 USD)






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