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Longing To Belong - Eddie Vedder Ukulele Lessons

Eddie Vedder is the frontman for the fantastic rock band Pearl Jam, for those that didn't know, but he's an incredible songwriter out of the band too and back in 2011 called Ukulele Songs, and this is one of my favourites from that album.

Please note that I changed the little solo section for the video a little, no idea why I went up to a higher note when the recording goes down for that last note... my memory just decided to change it - it is right in the songbook though.

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The Justinguitar Ukulele Songbook

The Justinguitar Ukulele Songbook
The Ukulele Songbook contains 25 songs arranged for Ukulele. When I got stuck into learning to play Uke I found that learning songs was the most fun way to learn the chords and so in this book I've picked songs and made arrangements that will teach you most of the common uke chords and many of the techniques you'll need to play most songs!



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