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I've done this song already for guitar, but it's a such a fun one for Uke I had to do it for this series too! And for the most part it's just 4 chords, with a sneaky 5th chord just a couple of times.

It's a semitone higher for this uke version because playing in the original key is really awkward and totally not worth it - if you really want to play along with the original one on uke, you'll have to tune it down a semitone!

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The Justinguitar Ukulele Songbook

The Justinguitar Ukulele Songbook
The Ukulele Songbook contains 25 songs arranged for Ukulele. When I got stuck into learning to play Uke I found that learning songs was the most fun way to learn the chords and so in this book I've picked songs and made arrangements that will teach you most of the common uke chords and many of the techniques you'll need to play most songs!



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