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Notes on the Ukulele Ukulele Lessons

Before learning 'Movable Chords' you need to know your notes!!

So now we're getting serious... ha ha - not really. But before we get into Movable chord shapes (which you need to be able to play chords with # or b's in them) you need to know the notes on our 4 string friend!

Video Lesson

Notes On the Ukulele

Have a look at the diagram on the left and look for patterns!

Remember the notes move up from the nut using the Note Circle, so a fret gap between all notes except B/C and E/F.

Remember one fret higher (in this case down the page) with make the note a Shape (#) and one fret up the page will make it a Flat (b).

You need to have a basic working knowledge of this before you get into your movable chord shapes!


Open String Rhymes

Strongly recommend using a rhythm to remember the note names on the open strings. Make up your own or use one of the ones below!

Great Cats Eat Armadillos

Got a good one? tell me on facebook!



Randmly choose any note on the fingerboard and then starting at the open string, count up one fret at a time (using the Note Circle if you need it) to find out the note you chose!





The Justinguitar Ukulele Songbook

The Justinguitar Ukulele Songbook
The Ukulele Songbook contains 25 songs arranged for Ukulele. When I got stuck into learning to play Uke I found that learning songs was the most fun way to learn the chords and so in this book I've picked songs and made arrangements that will teach you most of the common uke chords and many of the techniques you'll need to play most songs!

Lesson ID: UK-010