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Finding Melodies Exercise on Technique

Incredible exercise for developing the relationship between your ear and your hand!

Many students get a bit of a shock when they realize how BIG this exercise is. There's a lot to it, and developing the relationship between your ear and your hand is one of the most important things to develop and is very often overlooked.

I've been doing this exercise for some time and it's making a huge difference to how quickly I can find melodies on the neck that I hear in my head and it's getting better all the time.

I'd rcommend this exercise for all players, for beginners (though maybe not complete beginners!) right up to the most advanced players... it's such a useful skill to be able to express the music you have in your head... really I see it as the point of the whole music thing, expressing yourself.

Hope you enjoy it :)


Video lesson


Song suggestions?

Lost for ideas for melodies to find? Remember they MUST be ones that you know really well.

Nursery Rhymes
National Anthem
Christmas Songs
TV Themes

More advanced player might like trying to find solos that you know really well (melodic ones work much better than just fast stuff, cos you probably won't be able to 'hear' it fast enough!).

I also love finding jazz melodies, though again, you MUST know the melody really well in your head. If you can't sing it, then you don't know it well enough ;)


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