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Get The Funk Out - Extreme Song Lessons

This is an incredible song and loads of fun to play and uses a wide range of rock techniques.

I'm working on the solo but I'm not playing it well enough to feel good teaching it - but it is getting there and I'm enjoying the journey ;) and I'll do the lesson when I'm ready...

The guitar on the original is tuned down a semitone (Eb tuning), so if you want to play along with the recording you need to tune down a semitone, or tune the recording up a semitone using something like Transcribe! (which is what I use).

Watch The Video Guitar Lesson

Watch The Original Video Clip

Getting the Sound

This is my Suhr Classic Antique. I'm using Pickup Position 5 (bridge) which has a high gain humbucker pickup. Volume on 10.

Using The Kemper Profiler, I was using his awesome '69 Marshall pack, the "50 4" one it's super nice and I just checked and I didn't touch a thing - it's the straight preset!

A little reverb using the Strymon Big Sky, spring reverb setting in the fx loop of the Kemper!


Lesson ID: ST-373