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Hysetria (Muse) Song Lessons

I'm a big fan of Matt Belamy's excellent guitar work, it a bit more neo-classical than I usually like, but his sense of melody is excellent and he makes great crazy guitar noises.

In this song the sounds are more standard, so it's more fun to play than the ones that require stacks of whacky effects...

It would have taken ages to say every note of the solo, so I hope that I was clear enough for you to catch it still. Get on the forum if you are really stuck.

Guitar: Gibson SG, Bridge Pickup - volume and tone all the way up...
Amp: for this I used a Pro Tools Plug-In called Eleven!

I'm not normally a fan of the 'modelling' sounds, I rather play the real thing... but in this case my studio was in a mess and getting the right amp out for under other amps and finding the right pedal to get the sound and all that seemed a lot of hassle for the song...

I had played about with Eleven a few times and knew it was good for the rock thing, so I thought I'd give it a go, and I must say I thought it was excellent.

I plugged my guitar into a valve pre amp (Universal Audio LA-610) and sent the signal into ProTools, Eleven was run as a TDM Plug-In. Sound came out of my Mackie HR824 speakers and were just picked up by the lapel mic!

The setting I used was the preset ' DC High Gain', and I didn't touch a thing. When I started doing the lesson I backed off the volume a bit and it cleaned up the sound and in hindsight I wish I had turned it down a bit for the whole thing - just to get a little less distortion.

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Lesson ID: ST-326