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The Harmonic Minor Scale Index on Scales

Everything you might want to know about The Melodic Minor Scale, how it works, patterns to play and how to use it!

This scale has a very classical (baroque) sound. It has some specialised uses, but again should only be looked at after the major scale has been mastered. If I'm honest about it, I don't think I ever use this scale! That's not to say you shouldn't use it, if you play neoclassical music (Malmsteen style!) then you'll be loving it... but for me, I just don't hear it so it never comes out!

SC-701 • The Harmonic Minor Scale: Essential Information
The Harmonic Minor started life simply to get a Dominant 7th chord on the 5th degree of the scale! It's good for creating HARMONY, hence it's name... but a few strange folk still like using it to create melodies...

SC-704 • The Harmonic Minor Scale: The Five Patterns
Here you'll find the five most common scale patterns that I use and some tips on getting them under your fingers and into your ears!





Lesson ID: SC-700