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The Melodic Minor Scale Index on Scales

Everything you might want to know about The Melodic Minor Scale, how it works, patterns to play and how to use it!

The melodic minor scale is a more advanced scale used mostly in jazz and fusion. It has some very useful modes contained in it, but make sure that you can use the Major Scale and the Minor Pentatonic confidently before you even start thinking about this scale.

If you don't know why you should learn a scale, then you shouldn't bother! For reasons why you would want to use it, check out my jazz lessons!

SC-601 • The Melodic Minor Scale: Essential Information
To put it as easily as possible, the Melodic Minor Scale is a Major Scale with a flat 3 (b3) which as many of you will know, the b3 is what makes minor 'minor'. Personally I use the modes of this scale far more than any other way!

SC-604 • The Melodic Minor Scale: The Five Patterns
Here you'll find the five most common scale patterns that I use and some tips on getting them under your fingers and into your ears!


Lesson ID: SC-600