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The Major Pentatonic Scale Index on Scales

Everything you might want to know about The Major Pentatonic Scale, how it works, patterns to play and how to use it!

I've has an interesting relationship with the Major Pentatonic, for many years I didn't really 'get it', I found it hard to use and it never seemed to feel right, so I just ignored it. But as I've explored more Blues I've found I like it more and more and now I love it and use it all the time!! Though not quite as easy to use in Blues as the Minor Pentatonic (see Why and How!), it's GREAT for major key improvising and really worth checking out!

SC-401 • The Major Pentatonic Scale: Essential Information
This lesson will show you the five common positions of the Major Pentatonic.

SC-404 • The Major Pentatonic Scale: The Five Patterns
Here you'll find all five patterns of the Major Pentatonic Scale to help you get your country vibe on! Although they have the same visual shape as the Minor Pentatonics you have to be extra aware of the root notes!

Please note that the Major Pentatonic Scale is covered in the later parts of the Blues Lead Guitar Course.




Lesson ID: SC-400