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The Minpr Pentatonic Scale Index Page on Scales

Everything you might want to know about The Minor Pentatonic Scale, how it works, patterns to play and how to use it!

The Minor Pentatonic is a really useful scale for blues and rock and you will use it for your entire playing life. It sounds really cool and has many uses. If you want to get into the blues then you totally need to get this one down. It is equally as important as The Major Scale. The minor pentatonic scale is often the first scale learnt by guitar players because it is easy to play and fun to use to start your blues improvisation.

If you want to play Blues you will probably be better off working through my free Blues Lead Guitar Course because that will show you how to use this scale more comprehensively than these lessons!

SC-301 • The Minor Pentatonic: Essential Information
The Minor Pentatonic is often the first scale people learn because it's easy to play, fun to use and is the foundation alphabet for The Blues language, something most people want to play. This lesson we look at what it is and give you some groundwork before we start playing it!

SC-302 • The Minor Pentatonic: How And Why
It's a simple five note scale but the music theory around it can get pretty complicated because it shouldn't work! The theory behind Blues and the use of this scale particularly, is wrong, it shouldn't work... But it does and we all love it

SC-304 • The Minor Pentatonic: The Five Patterns
If you want to know the Five Patterns but don't want to learn all the good stuff you get in the Blues Lead Guitar Course, then this lesson I show you all five patterns, the common fingerings and common mistakes.

SC-305 • The Minor Pentatonic: Legato Sequences
Learn how to effectively use legato (hammer-ons and flick-offs) to make some cool Legato Sequences ;) Makes playing them faster a little easier too! This is a cool trick, easy to get the basics down, but you can spend LOTS of time on exploring this.


Blues Lead Guitar DVD

Essential Blues Lead Guitar Course DVD set
If you want to learn to play Blues Lead Guitar then you'll love my easy step by step approach, this the first module in my revised (2016) course and contains 13 lessons (plus two DVD bonus lessons) and Jam Blues 1 backing track CD and some reference pdf files. It is a replacement for the old "Blues Lead 1" course: improved structure and high quality video and audio.

Blues Lead Guitar Course DVD (with bonus content and Jam CD) available in The Justinguitar Store.

Lesson ID: SC-300