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Scales Index Page on Scales

Shown here is lots of information about the scales, including my favourite fingerings, alternative fingerings and patterns that I know are in common usage, and most importantly, the information you need to know to make music with them! :)

There's a lot 'basics' I find are often gaps in more experienced players knowledge, so I'd recommend players of all levels checking through this stuff and make sure it's well understood before getting stuck into learning loads of scale patterns! You might save yourself a lot of valuable time!

SC-101 • Beginners Scale FAQ
Lots or people got a bit confused by all the information here about scales, so here is a little scale FAQ that I hope answers many of the questions often asked by guitar players that are new to scales.

QT-005 • When NOT to learn scales
I thought I'd include this lesson here, was part of my Quick Tips series but it's an important little lesson that might well be valuable to you right now!

SC-102 • How To Practice Scales
Playing scales up and down can get well boring and is not particularly useful if you want to make music with them. In this lesson I take you through various practice routines you might like to try out!

SC-103 • Sequence Studies (also called Pattern Studies or Melodic Patterns)
Use these to turn scales into melody. A technical, scientific and mathematical concept applied to guitar. Like rocket science? then this lesson is for you ;) lol

SC-130 • Demystify The Minor Scales
There is a lot of confusion around the minor scales, which ones go where and why you might use one over the other... Well this lesson is an attempt at explaining how they are linked and theory purpose. This lesson is NOT FOR BEGINNERS, you will need to understand basic harmony (how chords are built etc.) to understand this lesson!




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