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I'm Your - Jason Mraz

The Intermediate Songbook Series

Well you done done me and you bet I felt it...

Mega hit from Jason Mraz which is always a party favourite and great fun to play!

Getting the groove to really sit nice is pretty hard, keeping the mutes strings and putting the accent on 2 and 4 and making it feel good takes practice, I feel I was getting there but not quite nailed it myself!

Make sure you check out the live performance below the lesson - it's impecable, great groove, great vocals and great performance. Backing vocal/ percussion dude is super awesome too.


Video Guitar Lesson

Original Video Clip - Live version (super awesome!!)

Justinguitar Beginners Songbook

The Justinguitar Pop Songbook (BOOK, yes a proper paper book!!)

50 great songs, arranged for progressing guitar players. 15 songs aimed for beginner's consolidation, 15 that introduce barre chords, 15 that add in new spices (interesting chords, re-tuning, complex rhythms) and 5 full TAB songs. Perfect for guitarists wanting to reach beyond beginner material.

Click here to see more full song list, details, sample pages and order.

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