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GarageBand - Recording Electric Guitar on Recording Techniques

How to record your guitar directly into Garage Band

Plugging your guitar directly into Garage Band (through an audio interface obviously) won't get you the best sound ever, but it's not bad and it's very easy and worth exploring! We'll look at recording your amp with a microphone sometime soon.

The recommended interface options I mentioned are: The iRig, The Apogee One, and the UA Apollo Twin.

Download the WCAS Shattered Matter stems here if you want to jam over them yourself, lots of fun!

I've not mentioned it in the video but all the guitar sounds are editable and there are a huge range of effects you can play with too, I should do a lesson on them at some point too, but just explore them yourselves for now, it's lots of fun!


Key Commands

It's always very useful to learn the basic key commands, will speed up your workflow incredibly compared with using the mouse all the time. So here are the basic ones covered in this Introduction lesson.

< space bar > Start / Stop
< return > Back to the start
< right arrow > Forward by a bar
< left arrow > Back by a bar
C Cycle Mode on/off
cmd + U Metronome on/off
ctrl + < right arrow > Zoom In
ctrl + < left arrow > Zoom Out
cmd + < shift > + N Create New Track
ctrl + alt+ right arrow Zoom out on timeline
ctrl + alt+ left arrow Zoom in on timeline


I'll give you more useful key commands as we go through future lessons!


Next lesson we'll get recording acoustic guitar.



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