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Home recording is great fun, very rewarding and you'll learn a LOT :)

In the studio or at home, it's fun and addictive

Recording yourself can be a hugely satisfying hobby. You actually have a finished product at the end you can share with friends and family or the world. You can write and record your own songs, or just record cover songs for fun. It will teach you a LOT about your playing, seriously. A Lot.

I've been recording myself now for well over 20 years, starting on a basic Tascam 4 Track tape machine and it's grown now to having a proper recording studio which is where I spend my days (the sofa I do the lessons from is at my studio, not my home!). I most certainly not a great sound engineer but I record a lot and have plenty of experience to help you get started.

I'm revisiting this area now (2014) because it had become pretty out of date, technology moves so fast!! And I plan on really expanding this area as I meet many students that would really enjoy recording if they knew how to get started.

If you want to hear some recordings I've done, please check out my band, We Came As Strangers - we have a new record coming out in June 2014 which I'm really excited about.

Lets get started!

Getting started with Home Recording

There are many things that you will need to be able to record yourself well. It is a bit of an endless well that you can throw money in and it never fills up! It can get pretty expensive, but it doesn't need to be. This section will be for people starting out...

RT-101 • Home Recording Guide & Introduction
In this lesson I'll introduce the most basic concepts in home recording to get you started.

RT-102 • Home Recording Set Up
You will have to buy some gear to get started with home recording and in this guide I explain the kit you will need and give you some recommendations to check out.

RT-103 • Home Recording Jargon Buster
When out shopping for gear you will find it very helpful to know and understand the terms used, and will stop you from falling from Salespeople BS.


Garage Band Software

RT-201 •  Garage Band: Introduction
In this video I show you the basic layout and functions of the buttons so we can start making music with it next lesson!

RT-202 •  Garage Band: Using Loops To Make A Backing Track
The loops included with GB are pretty incredible, lots of fun and you can easily construct your own backing tracks!

RT-203 •  Garage Band: Recording Electric Guitar
Plugging in directly and using the built in amp emulation software is easy and lots of fun and a great introduction to recording your guitar!

Old lesson series, still useful but will be updated soon!

In this section I will cover some of the ways that I record things, notes on compression settings and stuff like that.

RT-131 • Microphone Guide
There are many different types of microphones, and here I will tell you a bit about which ones are good for what and some great mics that you can get on a budget. 

RT-601 • Recording Acoustic Guitars
In this article I go through some tips for recording acoustic guitars, mic placement, compression and EQ.

RT-602 • Recording Electric Guitars (Guest teacher: Cesar Gimeno Lavin)
The producer of my album Small Town Eyes agreed to share with you all some tips about recording electric guitars and specifically microphone placement. Well worth a read if you are recording your amp (which you should be!).





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