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he Rock and Metal Guitar Lessons

Rock and roll ain't noise pollution...

Some basic and not so basic rock and metal techniques. More coming to this department too soon :)

Remember to start them slowly. I'm not joking... play fast by mastering it slowly first. All the good guys will tell you that!

Common Rock and Metal Techniques

Some of these lessons are in the Technique area, but I have put the links here so you rock guys and gals are sure to find them. :)

TE-012 • Pinch Harmonics
The high squealing sound created by rock musicians. Great for upsetting your neighbours or local cats, they are a quintessential rock metal technique.

TE-013 • Tapped Harmonics
A cool pretty modern technique of tapping 12 frets higher than the fretted note, giving a cool octave effect. Mostly used in rock but can be used in many different ways, even acoustics.

RO-001 • Finger Tapping Basics
A classic metal technique popularised by Eddie Van Halen in the 80's. All the basic principles shown in this video. If you have not done tapping before this is the perfect introduction - but many more advanced players get a few tips in this one too (well so they tell me!).

RO-002 • More Finger Tapping
By special request here are some more advanced finger tapping concepts for you to have fun with.

RO-003 • Fast Rock Licks For Beginners
A really cool fast lick that I learnt way back... great for working on your speed metal lead guitar. It's kinda just one lick with lots of variations :) You will like it!

RO-004 • Mini Sweep Picking Arpeggios
In this lesson I go through mini sweep picking arpeggios, great for learning how to do the technique and cos they are small they are easier to use than the big ones anyhow! 

Style Files

One thing missing from the site is some licks and lessons about the styles of great guitar players, so I'm gonna get one going...

RO-101 • Angus Young (AC/DC) Style Licks
Maybe the greatest rock guitar player of all time? He took the blues and make it harder, louder and faster. A great player to transcribe and there is a lot to be learned in his licks!!

Legato Series

A series of six video lessons on developing your speed playing using hammers and flicks to create legato style fast runs in a kinda Satriani style. Easier than you might think :) I originally called this series the "Speed Development Series" but Legato is a much more correct term.

RO-011 • Fast Legato Rock Technique 1
Three note per string scale in G looked at as a basic for coming lessons. Basic technique shown too.

RO-012 • Fast Legato Rock Technique 2
Applying legato skills to the scale playing up and down and hammering and flicking both ways ;)

RO-013 • Fast Legato Rock Technique 3
Start to cycle a small section of the scale so you can feel it getting faster.

RO-014 • Fast Legato Rock Technique 4
Time to apply the cycle to the whole scale. Gets a bit harder now!

RO-015 • Fast Legato Rock Technique 5
Using the 3NPS (Notes Per String) in Position 2 before you try and link them.

RO-016 • Fast Legato Rock Technique 6
Joining them all together with your new found shredding skills :)

Lesson ID: RO-000