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Basic Funk Strumming

The lessons on Rhythm Guitar

Now you got your chords - time to get some funky strumming into it too.

Video Lesson

The strumming patterns

Remember to count along - learning to say the count is important - you will need it later when the patterns become more complex.

Play them slowly until you get them right. Once you get the feeling of them you can speed them up pretty easily - but it GET IT RIGHT FIRST.

The notes are where you will play the chords - for the examples I am using the E9 chord. The "x" means to hit the strings with the chord slightly lifted so you just get the muted click sound.

Pattern 1

Basic Funk Strumming Pattern

Pattern 2

Basic Funk Strumming Pattern

Pattern 3

Basic Funk Strumming Pattern

Pattern 4

Basic Funk Strumming Pattern

Pattern 5

Basic Funk Strumming Pattern

Lesson ID: RH-022