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Snow (Hey Oh) - Red Hot Chili Peppers

The lessons on Guitar Riffs

Great riff work here with John Frisciante. As well as sounding well cool - it's a great speed and endurance exercise!

I spent ages watching videos of JF playing this tune to make sure I got the positions and fingering right, although I did find a couple where he plays it slightly differently, so what I show you here is the most common way.

Be sure to do it slowly and get the groove and timing right first, again I recommend the use of the program called Transcribe! for this, put it on at 50% and play along with the record and only when you can get through all the changes well and nice and clean, then move the speed up a but, gradually working to the album speed.

Amp Settings
Lots of questions on YouTube clip about amp settings. It's a clean sound from a valve amp! JF uses a Stratocaster, I'm using a Telecaster (on middle position if I remember right) - but it is just a regular clean sound - it's my Fender Princeston II (all valve, 80's model) on clean channel, normally I dial in all 7's but Bass on 10 and Reverb on 2.5...

But with these things you have to listen cos every amp sounds different with different settings! That's why I don't regularly show exact settings! You HAVE to learn to use your ears to do it - there isn't a shortcut that works, my amp is most probably going to sound different to yours and which guitar you use changes things too.

But I do need to get a good lesson on getting sounds... will get onto it soon...

I'd love to see some video responses of you guys playing this song! If you make it a video response to this song I will do my best to go check it out and give you feedback!


Lesson ID: RF-020