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Shape Of My Heart - Sting & Dominic Miller

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I've loved this song since I first heard it. A wonderful composition by Sting and his long standing guitar player Dominic Miller. It's wonderful to play and sounds more complex that it is difficult.

There's a great video of him playing the song acoustically with sting on YouTube too, I'll link it below...

Dominic is a wonderful guitar player and if you have not heard his solo work before then you should check it out. He also has some tips and lessons on his web site:

The song was played originally on a nylon string acoustic guitar. It sounds like it's played with nails but last time we spoke he was "re-learning" to play without nails because he liked the tone better!

Dominic used to have the studio across from my mine in Stanley House and he recorded his last album in the studio on the next floor down!

Write it out in your own tab if you struggle to get it from the video - just use the blank tab.




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