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Walk This Way - Aerosmith

The lessons on Guitar Riffs

On of the first riffs I ever learnt. The main one is real easy - even for a beginner, but the verse... that is one tricky little number!! When I went to make this lesson I realised I had been playing the verse riff wrong for 20 years!! But I think I got it now!

Particularly in the verse, you'll probably find it a lot easier to play if you write it out in your own tab - just use the blank tab and then write it nice and big as I count it out for you, once you get the notes, start to work on the groove and getting the right amount of palm mute and accents.


Tip on hearing it good...

I was finding that verse riff real difficult to hear. I even watched a few videos of other dudes playing and teaching it on youtube to see if any of them cracked it and a few came pretty close...

But them I was playing about in the Transcribe! program I always rave about and tried the karaoke feature which gets rid of the main vocal (well things panned to the middle) and blow me down - the riff just jumped out and was real easy to hear. :) hooray

So go download Transcribe! put in the mp3 of Walk This Way and then go into the Functions and hit the karaoke button and have a listen, quite incredible. It's got a free 30 day trial too, so you got nothing to lose by trying it out!

Also worth noting that the main riff is tracked - which means Joe re recorded it over the original one so you get these slight changes in the muted hits and it kinda fattens it out a bit. Listen closely and and half speed and you can hear it.


Lesson ID: RF-003