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Guitar Quick Tips Index

The Lessons on Guitar Quick Tips

Little tricks that will make things easier, better, or just don't fit anywhere else!

There are many little tid bits of information that I find myself explaining in lessons and workshops again and again that don't really fit into a course, so I've started this Quick Tips series to take on that stuff.

I'm sure you'll find some tips more relevant and helpful than others - I sure wish someone had told me lots of this stuff when I was starting out ;)

I've made a YouTube playlist so you can watch them all in order too!

QT-001 • Secure Your Cable
QT-002 • Your Heartbeat Guides The Tempo
QT-003 • ALWAYS Use Strap Locks
QT-004 • How To Roll Up Your Cables
QT-005 • When NOT To Learn Scales...
QT-006 • Always Ask Why? Demand proof!
QT-007 • Set Your Strap For Optimum Performance
QT-008 • It's ALL About Rhythm
QT-009 • Learn Keyboard Shortcuts
QT-010 • Explore Your Gear

QT-011 • Practice Breaking Strings
QT-012 • Express Your Feelings
QT-013 • Use Volume To Clean Up The Dirt
QT-014 • What The Listener Hears?
QT-015 • Learn Basic Piano Skills
QT-016 • Don't Play Over The Singer!
QT-017 • Eyebrow Finger Lube
QT-018 • Record Yourself
QT-019 • Use Someone Else's Ears
QT-020 • How To Fix A Loose Strap Pin

QT-021 • Protect Your Hearing
QT-022 • Sock Neck Mute!
QT-023 • Take Care Of Your Posture

I'm about out of Quick Tips for now but will re-visit this from time to time as I think of new ones...


Lesson ID: QT-000