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I started noticing that there were a lot of questions popping up that didn't really fit into other areas but that needed answering - so i decided to start up a Q&A series to deal with them.

If you have a question that you want answering them please head over to the forum and ask on this Q&A thread, that's where I'll be taking the questions from. I'm going to run it weekly for a while with answers going up on Thursdays and see how it goes and if they're popular or not.

QA-001 • Where And How To Put Your Thumb On The Guitar Neck GR1

QA-002 • How To Use A Capo To Change The Key To Best Suit Your Voice GR3

QA-003 • How to play the same chords using different grips GR6

QA-004 • How to use a Looper Pedal for Practice GR7

QA-005 • Fake Fingernails For Guitar Players GR6

QA-006 • How to use your thumb to play the bass notes of chords. GR6

QA-007 • When To Change Your Guitar Strings GR2





Lesson ID: QA-000