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So... I finally got round to making a podcast, been heavily requested so I really hope y'all like it.

Just starting out and I got a plan but it might well change as I get more into it. Starting mainly because I'm between studios right now and don't have a good place to film video and lots of people been asking about doing a podcast so I figured that now is as good a time as any to give it a go, fly the flag and see if anyone salutes!

If you're digging the idea here, please subscribe so I get a good idea of how many of you are interested! And if you're using iTunes, please give me some stars and a review and help spread the word - the more popular it is, the more likely I'll keep it rocking!

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JGP-001 •  Don't Believe Me
In this first episode I have a rant about why it's so important to question everything, some guitar specifics and life generally! Hope you enjoy it :)

JGP-002 • Interview: Troy Grady, Cracking The Code
In this episode I interview Troy Grady, the creator of the Cracking The Code series about guitar picking. He's a fine guitar player and communicator with some interesting points to make.

JGP-003 • How To Play What You Hear In Your Head
Pretty big question this and I had to really give it some thought and try and make some kind of order from the jumble of thoughts that came into my brain - but I think you should find it interesting and hopefully it'll help you get there!

JGP-004 • Interview: Pierre Bensusan, the DADGAD Master!
Pierre came by the studio recently and we had a chat about exploring DADGAD, this podcast is also available as a video on YouTube here.

JGP-005 • Interview: Matt Warnock, Jazz guitar player and teacher
Matt has a great jazz guitar free lesson website and in this interview we chat about how he got started, his practice routines, eduction and his teaching concepts.

Coming soon (ish)
Interviews with my fellow online teachers, rutbusters, aural training basics, avoiding marketing scams, how to really listen, finding yourself... and a few big guitar stars that might be into a chat if it looks popular! :)

I gotta admit that making the podcasts takes a lot longer to do than I'd anticipated, especially long ones, they take a long time to check through, edit - which is why they're less frequent than I'd first expected... but I'll be sticking with it and got a bunch almost ready!

Audio Q&A
One segment I plan to do often is a Q&A session and for that you can ask me questions by audio! Please keep your questions under 1 minute in length and no swearing or I won't be able to use it. Can be about anything guitar related, serious or fun. Of course I can't use every question in the podcast but I'll listen to them all! To join in the fun, click below! I'm limited to just 20 a month, partly because thats what SpeakPipe provide free, and partly because if there are too many I won't get through them all!

*NOTE* By recording below and including your name and email address you are giving your consent to me using the voice recording in my podcast.


How often you going to do them?
I don't think I have time for weekly sessions so I'll be doing them a bit ad hoc as I find time and get the segments done! I might try and get them weekly if I can make time and they're proving to be popular!

Where did the "feature band" thing go?
Well I didn't get enough people writing in to make a feature of it, so it's gone by the way...




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