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Everything you need to know about making the most of your precious practice time!

One of the most common questions I get asked, especially in private lessons is "what should I practice?". Well in this area I want to give you some hints and ideas about what to practice, how to practice and why some ways are better than others.

Generally people get better when they practice. Really. Afraid so...

I too have heard stories about this amazing dude who can play anything, but never practices... but it's mostly myth. The few people who are amazing and say they don't practice are either lying, or they PLAY a lot, and they naturally play things in a way that helps them learn and develop new things... hang on, isn't that called practice?

How good you get and how fast you improve directly relates to how much practice you do. Sure if you are going the right things the right ways it can accelerate things even more, but you have to practice, and the more you do the better you will get. It's not a secret!

Lets talk about some of the basics of HOW to practice. 

Effective Practice (Essential Development Module)

Time and time again I meet students that are not making the progress that they should, and often it's because they are not practising effectively. Especially in this internet age where people learn a lot on their own, it's a very good idea to learn about how to practice!

PC-101 • Set Goals
If you don't know where you want to go, nobody can help you get there!

PC-102 • Decide What To Practice
If you don't know why you should practice something, then don't. Choose wisely what you spend you time on.

PC-103 • Keep A Practice Schedule
The self perpetuating arse kicking machine! Easily the best way to maintain motivation on your own!

PC-104 • Use A Timer
Make the most of every second of your valuable time. Using a timer is a practice steroid... except it shouldn't make your willy small or strip of you of Tour de France fake victories ;)

PC-105 • Practice Makes Permanent
You gotta get the saying right, practice does NOT make perfect, it makes PERMANENT.

PC-106 • Always Start Slow
Rushing will lead you to mistakes and problems.

PC-107 • Observe Your Mistakes
Try and make a mistake, go on... i dare you! This is a super effective practice tool.

PC-108 • Use Visualisation
Learning things in your mind is a very effective way to practice for many people.

PC-109 • Practice Without An Instrument
So what can you do stuck on a train without your guitar? Here are some ideas!

Practice Routines

Hints on Practice and making the most of your precious time. More updates in this area soon!

PC-501 • Beginners Practice Routine
A rough guide to practice times for beginners.

PC-502 • Intermediate Practice Routine
A comprehensive look at practice and how you should do it!

There is also a "1 Hour Workout" in the Print Your Own Paper area.

Head Stuff

Megalomaniac me decided to put down the way I think people learn - used it for a CV for a job application a few years ago and I figured it may well be interesting for someone...???

PC-801 • My Thoughts On Learning
My thoughts on learning guitar and music way back in the late 90's, but still mostly right I think...




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