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Print Your Own TAB, Manuscript and Practice Schedule Papers PDF

Print Your Own With Free pdf Files From

Print your own manuscripts, no need to buy them!

Below are a collection of pdf files that you can print out at home if you need tab paper, practice schedules or other bits you might need for lessons on this site. Simply download them and print them out at home.

To download them you will need to:

Mac Users - hold down ctrl + click the file and select "Download linked file"
Windows Users - right click and select "Save As" or "Save Link As"


Manuscripts (for A4 Paper)

These were all done on A4 size paper but print out fine in the US and other countries, just be aware you might need to tick a "scale to fit" check box or something similar depending on your type of printer etc.

• Blank Tab
Regular 6 line Guitar Tab.

• Blank Stave and Tab
Tab with a stave above, best for transcribing.

• Blank Chord Boxes
Regular chord boxes to make your own chord book!

• Blank Manuscript
Regular 5 line music stave with treble clef.

• Blank "Chord Finding Method"
One full neck length and some chord boxes. Use this for the lessons on finding your own chord voicings and scale shapes. Very useful.

• Practice Routine
Space for date, lesson, time to practice and then check boxes for each day of the week, another very useful page to keep you practicing efficiently.

• Practice Routine (1 hour workout)
This is the perfect companion to the intermediate routine, with all the areas already filled out for you! I suggest this as a starting point for advanced players that need a routine too - at least using these rough divisions of time.


Looking for some paper and can't find it - leave me a message in the forum in the suggestions topic and I'll try and make it for you!




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