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Martin Goulding - Legato Primer - Part 4

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Level Three Legato concentrates on moving through the positions using slides. This is an important aspect of the technique as it will enable you to move around through different positions. At this stage you will start to see that it is possible to freely navigate the neck. With the slides comes the potential for more unwanted noise so watch the muting interplay between the left and right hands. Keep the second, third and fourth fingers arched and strong at the pre-knuckle (1st joint below the nail). Try to create your own pathways around the neck.

When improvising, from a rock perspective, you may want to view G Major from its second degree, which is A. The chord built on the second degree of the Major scale is Am or Am7, therefore by playing the G Major ideas over the Am7 chord you will hear them as an A Dorian tonality.

Whenever you have to improvise over a minor or minor 7 chord, simply think of the formula: Major scale down a tone. Now when you play the run, make sure that when you finish it you are aware of where you are in relation to the five positions of the Am Pentatonic scale. You could say that the legato runs are the navigation and the pentatonic framework is where you can dock in to phrase. This is a healthy way of looking at it, as it will encourage you to see the speed techniques as simply tension which will resolve into pentatonic vocabulary.

The example TAB's don't fit in my web page so you have to look at them on another blank page, sorry, I just don't have time to edit them all!

Level 3 tabs: Ex1 - Ex2 - Ex3 - Ex4 - Ex5 - Ex6

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About Martin Goulding

Martin Goulding is one of Londons busiest private teachers; has written for international best seller `Guitar: A Complete Guide For The Player' and specialises in modern-rock techniques at the Guitar Institute in West London. His band Linear Sphere have just released their debut album and can be found on

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