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Martin Goulding - Legato Primer - Part 3

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Level Two Legato will look at odd note groupings. This style is very widely used and has a characteristic rolling sound. If you like the sound of runs that are quick and complex, then you'll enjoy these. There is a difference that you be should be aware of if you have been working through Level One, and that is these exercises require that you keep your second finger firmly down, not snap it up as was the case in the last section.

Strangely most people write these exercises out as sixteenth notes and you can learn them this way- it is easier on the timing at first although incorrect all the same. When you start taking off after the first month of practice, you will need to feel the five more. Feel it as da-ga-da-ga-da / da-ga-da-ga-da-da!!! When you have mastered this technique you will feel them as groups of ten.

Intermediate players should start on approx 50bpm [see lesson on using a metronome if you're not sure -js] as groups of five and strive to get an even tone and good strength and accuracy. Your fingers should feel like pistons and you should note the mechanical feel to your new dexterity. After a week or so of practice, try raising the tempo to 60bpm, and then settle in with that speed for a while and then 70bpm etc. As you get quicker, obviously you will have to work harder to push up the speed. Advanced players should aim for 160+

Again, as in Level One, we have nine exercises which are repetition fragments, later consolidated into three runs. When you are feeling confident about your ability with this technique, then is the time to apply all of the Level One and Two run ideas to the other six positions of G Major.

The example TAB's don't fit in my web page so you have to look at them on another blank page, sorry, I just don't have time to edit them all!

Level 2 tabs: Ex1 - Ex2 - Ex3 - Ex4 - Ex5 - Ex6

MA - Martin Goulding Legato Primer Masterclass Files by justinguitar


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About Martin Goulding

Martin Goulding is one of Londons busiest private teachers; has written for international best seller `Guitar: A Complete Guide For The Player' and specialises in modern-rock techniques at the Guitar Institute in West London. His band Linear Sphere have just released their debut album and can be found on


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