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It's not too often I get round to listening to albums that people say I should check out, but I'm sure glad I did when a mate told me to check out Jim Campilongo. His album Orange quickly became a favourite and it was the soundtrack (along with another great New York songstress Kelli Scarr) for my amp schematic tattoo!!

Lot of you may not have heard of him, but he's got serious cred, he played with Nora Jones in the Little Willy's, he has his own Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Model, and he's really good. Amazing tone, great touch, one of those cats that just gets the right note in the right place all the time...

So when I was going to be in New York I looked him up and he was kind enough to give me an interview for you guys and gals. He's a great guy, real cool, happy to help and humble. Hope I get to meet him again.

He has some awesome lessons on his web site too, some you have to order by mail, and some you can get digitally. I just finished learning Awful Pretty, Pretty Awful which is great fun to play. I transcribed it but then bought his lesson to check what I had got, mostly got it right, but being able to hear (audio lessons) exactly how it was played and see it written out (old skool neck diagrams, but easy enough to read) is very cool.

He plays Monday nights every week at The Living Room in Ludlow St on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It's an awesome "must see" if you are a guitar player and you go to New York. The band just cooks. Wonderful pocket playing, one of the tightest rhythm sections I've heard and the support act, Tony Scherr, is awesome too so get in early...

Or find him on Facebook!

Jim Campilongo Facebook Page

Hope you dig it. :)


The Interview


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