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Interviews and advice from great guitar players I meet up with!

It is a real honour to get to interview these great guitar players and a thrill to get to ask these guys things that sometimes I've been wondering since I started playing. Meeting one's hero's can be a little scary but I'm happy to report that ALL of these guys have been kind, helpful and everything you'd want a guitar hero to be!

I hope you find these interviews as fun and enlightening as I did :)

Masterclasses with Guitar Legends

Jim Campilongo

Martin Taylor - video interview (MA-009)

I've met Martin a bunch of times now, and it's always a pleasure to sit and chat with him about his views on music and jazz and in this interview we try to stick around ear training and the ear / hand relationships but have some of the usual fun sidetracks that I'm sure you'll enjoy if you're into jazz!

Jim Campilongo

Pierre Bensusan - video interview (MA-008)

Pierre is recognized as THE DADGAD master acoustic guitar player, and incredible virtuoso and lovely guy as well. If you like acoustic guitar and altered tuning you'll love this!

Jim Campilongo

Jim Campilongo - video interview (MA-007)

Jim is an amazing guitar player, really unique style a great touch and plays the right note at the right time, every time! In this monster 50 minute interview we chat about how he learned to play, techniques, tone and a lot more. He really has a lot of great advice presented here. Lot to be learned from this cat!

Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor - video interview (MA-006)

Martin is one of the greatest solo fingerstyle jazz guitar players to have walked the earth. I've spend many hours transcribing his tunes, if you have not seen him in action before, check out this video and you'll get it! And he is a really nice guy, very cool and runs his own guitar lesson web site, which I pay to be a member of!

The Martin Taylor Guitar Academy.

Steve Vai

Steve Vai - video Interview (MA-005)

Amazing to meet up with a guy like Steve Vai. He's an amazing musician and a really inspiring character, really humble and cool and shares some really useful insights into learning guitar in this interview. It's great when your childhood hero's are as cool as you imagined :) He has some cool lessons on his web site too!

Pat Martino

Pat Martino - video interview (MA-004)

Pat Martino is a complete Jazz Guitar Legend. A pioneering player and master of be-bop he found his own unique voice in jazz. His album Consciousness was revolutionary. In the interview he shares some really deep thoughts about music and life and how it's all connected.

Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson - video interview (MA-003)

Scott wrote to me in Dec 2010 and asked me to remove his videos from YouTube stating that he was not happy with the content. He was real cool about it and not threatening or nasty or anything, just not wanting his stuff out there right now. I've removed them out of respect, I thought they were great!

Tommy Emmanuel

Larry Carlton - video interview (MA-002)

It's not often that you get to meet and interview a multi Grammy award winning guitar player that was a huge inspiration when you were growing up... but it sometimes happens. In this 10 minute video interview he talks about his journey learning the guitar and offers some tips along the way. Wonderful player and great guy too...

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel - text interview (MA-001)

Tommy is one of the greatest guitar players of all time, and the first serious guitar player I saw live, was mind blowing. In this interview with Justin (exclusively for this web site) he talks about how he learnt to play, some techniques he used to practice and offers some advice for all of us. :)


Masterclasses with Guitar Gurus

David Mead

David Mead - Reverse Engineering... (MA-020)

David knows a lot about jazz. In this great lesson he talks about basic jazz chord substitution and how to use it. David's new album "Nocturnal" was produced by the jazz guitar legend Martin Taylor. Check it out at:

Max Milligan

Max Milligan - An introduction to alternate picking (MA-040)

Guitar Institute instructor and acoustic guitar wizard explains alternate picking bass parts for fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Some basic exercises and a piece called Blues For Chet. He has more great lessons on a range of topics on his web site too and he's a great teacher who explains stuff real well:

Lee Hodgeson

Lee Hodgeson's Tone Adventure

MA-101 • Guitar Leads Do Sound Different...
MA-102 • All about Guitar Speakers... *New*

Guitar Institute instructor and all round legend, Lee is probably one of the most knowledgeable guitarists on the planet. His knowledge is encyclopedic and in these lessons he talks about his journey in finding tone.

Martin Goulding

Martin Goulding - Legato Primer

Guitar Institute rock guitar specialist and technical wizard gives you here a complete run down on developing your legato skills. I only asked for a short Masterclass but this is a few pages long! wicked.. And it's really really good. Check it and get your chops happening.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5.

David Mead

David Mead Interview (MA-202)

David is a superb acoustic guitar player and in this interview we talk about some of the things he's discovered on his journey, fun stories and transcribing.

Mike Dawes

Mike Dawes Interview (MA-203)

Mike shot to fame with his super awesome arrangement of Gotye's huge hit Somebody That I Used To Know. He's a superb guitar player and creates percussion grooves on the guitar while playing. It's awesome!

Michael Fix

Michael Fix Interview (MA-204)

Michael is a one man band and writes awesome arrangements for acoustic guitar and he's a Maton endorsee. We met up to do this interview at the Musikmesse in Germany.

Michael Fix

Pete Cook Interview (MA-205)

In this interview with the awesome Pete Cook we give a Top 10 Road Rats tips for life on the road. :)

Gordon Giltrap

Gorden Giltrap Interview (MA-206)

Gordon got in touch to chat about some new teaching methods he endorses and agreed to come by the studio for a jam and chat. He's a true gentleman and a wonderful guitar player and it was a very fun hang!







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