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JustinGuitar Live Stream 09-01-16

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The first of the new format JustinGuitar Live Show was awesome and over 800 people came by for it :) Thanks so much for coming. So below you'll find the show, edited into two, part 1 being a beginner hour and part 2 being the Open Session for general Q & A.

If someone had time it would be awesome to note the questions I answered as they watch it and email it to me so I can add it here for easy reference for others ;)

JustinGuitar Live Stream - Beginner Hour - 9th Jan 2016

JustinGuitar Live Stream - Open Session Q&A - 9th Jan 2016


Topics Covered - Beginner Hour

Big thanks to YouTube user ploospility! much appreciated!

0:01 Intro
1:46 My fingers are sore, any tips?
5:28 Lines in fingers
6:42 Is learning using multiple guitars ok?
7:38 What should be my first guitar?
Music theory - too daunting for beginners?
Old Jamaica song
Justin’s note-reading book
Is it easier to learn on an electric or acoustic guitar?
What makes a $1000 guitar better than a $100 guitar?
17:20 Second hand guitars
Squier Strat vs. Fender Strat
Is it too late for me to start learning guitar?
How to look at finger positioning on fretboard while playing?
How do you know what fingering to use when reading tab?
My thumb got cut off in an accident, can I still play the guitar?
Strings for beginners?
How important is it to learn with a teacher vs. just online lessons?
I often drop my guitar pick, any tips?
When should I start learning guitar?
30:06 Using a looper pedal
Book recommendation to learn harmony
31:37 My guitar is always out of tune, what should I do?
Who is Justin’s teacher?
At what age did Justin start playing guitar?
34:03 Guitar tuning app
Thoughts on Rocksmith
Learning guitar and becoming a guitar player; Ear training/transcribing
What is the biggest “do not do”?
39:09 Is it better to practice scales or chords?
Strumming with fingers vs. pick?
Warm up before practice?
Learning to sing?
How to play and sing at the same time?
48:01 How long should strings last?
How long does it take to get chord changes clean?
Recommendations on strings
Thoughts on Guitar Pro software
51:10 Why can’t we buy individual songs from your songbooks?
Have you ever met Marty? / Does your girlfriend play guitar?
When will you be back on stage?
53:25 Best guitar for short stubby fingers?
Is foot tapping important?
Scratchy string sounds when switching chords
Beginner’s frustration and progression


Topics Covered - Main Q&A

Thank you Zoe! :)

0 :40    Improvising tips
2 :25    Transcribing chord progressions if no guitar in song
5 :30    Sire Guitars
6 :50    Frank Zappa
7 :40    Cycle of fifths and note names
9 :05    Justin’s favourite Jazz guitarists
11:10   How many guitars does Justin have?
11:20   II-V-I Jazz chord progression
15:02   Blues: Incorporating chord tones into solos
17:35   Finding key of song when someone is using a capo
21:05   Learning note names –how important is it?
23:15   Playing Hendrix style when you can’t get your thumb over
24:40   Fastest way to learn notes on the fretboard
25:00   Pearl Jam Black lesson/ plans for more videos from songbooks
26:55   Getting blues licks sounding fluent/ observing your mistakes
28:30   New Blues lead course coming soon
30:40   All about Justin’s tattoos
32:15   Does Justin know the other youtube guitar teachers?
33:40   Please cover a Jim Campilongo song
35:50   Staying motivated/ setting goals
39:05   Spanish and classical styles
39:25   Finding new sounds/ how to avoid playing the same old licks
40:40   Justin’s hat
41:50   10,000 hour rule
42:45   Justin’s new trio
44:00   Amy Winehouse
45:00   In search of the best tone
47:05   More apps on the way?
47:30   Practicing without a guitar
49:25   How did Justin get so good at transcribing?
51:30   Increasing the stretch of fretting hand
53:05   Who were Justin’s teachers?
53:35   Justin’s favourite song
54:10   Justin’s real birthday
54:20   Maxing out amps
55:30   Can we have a Mark Knopfler interview?
56:05   Transcribing course
56:50   Does Justin get sponsored to play certain guitars/ amps?
58:05   Which new artists does Justin like?
58:45   What amps for AC/DC?

Lesson ID: LV-100