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Pass Major 9

The Lessons on Guitar Licks

This is a Joe Pass style lick that works over a Major 7th chord. I really like it and use it all the time. One of my pet jazz licks...

The first part is a Major 9th arpeggio (also note that it is a G Major Triad).

The second part is a really common jazz trick that you really must get to work naturally, it's a really good one! The use of that chromatic note (the G#) really adds the jazz flavour. You'll find it in most types of jazz. Very common lick.

Even though it's a C Major lick, it also sounds great over a A minor (the relative minor).

Make sure you work each part individually and make sure you blend it into your playing so it just happens without thinking about it - that should take quite a bit of practice.




Lick 1

NOTE: the last two notes are 16th notes just so I could squeeze them into the 2nd bar!
The last note should be played on beat 1 of the new bar!


Lesson ID: LK-018