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Hammer 6's

The Lessons on Guitar Licks

Hammer 6's is a very simple idea that can be explored pretty easy and is a fun way to get some fast sounding licks into your vocabulary.

You probably want to use the 3 note per string scales shown in the Legato Series to explore it further.

This one uses the scale of G Major and a good place to start would be exploring the pattern in G Major and see what other ways you can use. Always be aware of your root note so you can move new licks that you make up to other keys.

Remember too that the G Majors Scale is also A Dorian, so this lick could work in an A Blues/Rock context too. Maybe explore other modal options too if you are into it: E Aeolian, C Lydian and D Mixolydian are all modes of G Major, so try it over a E min, Cmaj7 or D9 :)



Lick 1


Lesson ID: LK-004