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Bent 3rd Chromatic

The Lessons on Guitar Licks

This week we have yet another A7 lick - it's chord specific so if you are going to use it in a blues - then play it over the A7 and when the chord moves to D7 - move the lick too! Very important.

This one is a cool easy to play and easy to use and you can change it round a lot and it keeps it cool character!



Lick 1


He doesn't know a tone from a semitone?

In the vid you hear me say a semitone bend for the second bend, but then I play a tone bend (well not quite it's kinda like 3/4's of a tone bend). But they both work, I was just not thinking about what I was saying... As written the bends being a tone it works only over A7 and in a blues would sound pretty rough over the D7. Why? Because the chord tones in A7 are A C# E G and the chord tones of D7 are D F# A C. The important note there is the C# in A7 and the C in D7...

Maybe you could change the tone bends for semitone bends (bending to the note C)... might work over the D7 then... maybe playing it with tone bends over the A7 and when the chord changes to D7 you might change it to a semitone bend. That might sound cool?? hint hint. What you think! ;)


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