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Chromatic 6th's

The Lessons on Guitar Licks

To start off my weekly lick series I'm going to show you a cool lick that uses 6th's. Very useful in Blues, Country, Rock and everything inbetween.

Start by checking out thYour Weekly Guitare scale played in 6ths, then add in the chromatic notes when the shape is the same. More notes below.



Lick 1


The Mixo-what?

So I got about a hundred tweets asking about the "theory" of this lick. So here it is.

All the notes used (excluding the chromatic linking notes) belong to the A Mixolydian Mode, which is the perfect set of notes to play over an A7 Chord. The notes (over 2 octaves) in A Mixolydian are:

A B C# D E F# G A B C# D E F# G A

So the intervals are 6th's - the lowest note of the very first notes we play is the note E. Count up 6 notes (counting the E as 1) you end up on the note C# - which is a 6th away!

All the notes are a "6th" apart.

The "chromatic" notes were only applied when the shape was exactly the same a tone apart, we just filling in the semitone blank!

Hope that explains it.

NOTE: Modes can be a bit confusing if you try and understand them before you thoroughly understand the major scale and chord construction. So if you don't get those things, then leave modes until you do!

Lesson ID: LK-001