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Links to music related stuff, my own projects and people I work with on them!

Awesome musicians I work with:

Sings in my band We Came As Strangers, but is an artist in her own right! And she's awesome :)

Owen Thomas
Great mate and talented multi-instrumentalist who played keys and produced the last WCAS album, talented and cool, but not very hard!

Tim Harries
One of the finest musicians I've had the please of working with, incredible bass player but also has a real amazing musical instinct which I'm very jealous of! :)

Salena Mastroianni
Amazing singer who I get in sometimes to help out with my YT vids and stuff, but she's got her own thing doing on too, amazing voice, georgous and loads of fun to work with!

Tom Meadows
Played drums on the WCAS album Recipe For Adventure and has played in many bands with me over the years - his current gig is drums for Kylie Minogue!

Paul Grundman
Mastered the WCAS album Recipe For Adventure, great guy, and awesome mastering engineer. His dad is the mastering legend Bernie Grundman!

Cesar Gimeno Lavin
The producer of Small Town Eyes. Good friend and great producer and engineer.


Studios I use / know / like:

The Village
We mix WCAS albums here, amazing old Neve desk and all the outboard you could want. The best studio I've been in!

Sofa Sound Studio
I did a lot of my recording in this studio, owned by legendary producer Hugh Padgham. If you want to record in one of the best rooms around, then check it out! My studio is in the same building!

Electric Mastering
Fantastic mastering studio in West London. Great old EMI console and very cool people, they mastered my Small Town Eyes album. Make your tracks sound great. Not sure what mastering is then check out this video.

Tribal Manufacturing
These guys manufacture my albums, great people, who care and make great product. What more could you want?


Arty / Design / Photo friends

Cool arty people I work with.

Paul Agar
Amazing artist and designer who did the artwork for Small Town Eyes - and also done the design for my books and DVDs and stuff.

Nick Delaney
Great photographer, check out his work at the link, he gets to take pictures of some of the most beautiful women ever, what a hard job he has! :)


Nothing To Do With Music

Even though it feels like I work 24/7 on music, I do try and have some life outside of guitars and music. Below are some links to cool people and places and things that I dig when I get time off...

Jagged Globe
I've always loved mountains and climbing and recently discovered JG who I'm doing many of my adventures with, well organised and all the teachers and guides so far have been top notch lovely people. One day I'd like to get to the roof of the world with these guys!

The UK Kung Fu Federation where I train, well used to train... I get real busy so it's more off than on, but if I get time to train, it's with these guys - great system and friendly cool people.

Skydive Weston
My home club when I was jumping, I've not jumped now since the mid 90's. Great Drop Zone, wonderful people, I miss them all and I miss the camaraderie that comes with getting your knee's in the breeze.





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