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So on this page I just have some pictures from the making of my record Small Town Eyes, will try and get some more up here as I work on the new record too..


The Making Of Small Town Eyes

These are some photos from "The Making Of Small Town Eyes" DVD that came with the Limited Edition release. Click on them to seem bigger.

Justin with string section Skippy at mastering suite J playing Wurlitzer on Turn To Tell The amp room... The legend... Henry SpinettiRecording Broken Electric guitar for Forevergreen My fave 1967 Vibra Champ Uni-Vibe pedal, as used by Hendrix Tim Harries. Amazing touch, world class player. Amazing.SSL mixing desk in Sofa Sound Studio Skippy helping with the mix My valve box. Love Telefunken. Lap steel guitar Kenny Dickenson plays the Wurli properly.John Prynn. Legend. Mio Broken Arrow Studio (mine!)


The making of the Page 99 Video Clip

Some photos from the making the video clip fro the song Page 99. A very wet and cold day in Dorking forest. Bit frustrating at times but we had a laugh all the same. Big thanks to Fin, Mike, Angus, Ollie, Jo and Richard. And thanks to Caroline at Radar Music Videos where I commissioned it!

Broken Arrow Studio (mine!) Broken Arrow Studio (mine!) Broken Arrow Studio (mine!) Broken Arrow Studio (mine!) Broken Arrow Studio (mine!)



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