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I've been writing songs as long as I can remember so here are some examples of stuff I do or have done... I've done loads of different things over the years, rock, punk, funk, electronica, jingles, library... spent a long time trying to write pop songs (for others to perform) and got close to some success with it but it never quite happened, was a load of fun though and I learned a lot about writing and the "business" of music.

As well as my own albums I'm going to try and get permission to put up some of the early material I wrote, fun jingles and pop tracks that never left the nest!

We Came As Strangers - Recipe For Adventure

I like this record a lot, I gove my friends copies and I enjoy listening to it myself, which is rare, I don't normally ever like hearing my own music! If you dig it then please buy the CD in our store or get it from iTunes!



Small Town Eyes

So here for your listening pleasure is all my album Small Town Eyes, if you dig it then please buy it from the justinguitarstore or from iTunes!! Funny cos I really think my vocal has improved a lot in the last couple of years and I can't listen to this album now.


Will try and get some more clips up here soon! I just have to find time to go through all my old stuff and upload things!


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