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Nothing I enjoy more than writing and creating music, it's possibly the most satisfying musical adventure I know...

I'm sure a big part of the reason I enjoy teaching and it's not become a 'chore' is that I make sure I'm involved with creative projects, songwriting and sessions. I enjoyed doing solo stuff but I've found working within a band a lot more satisfying and fun.


We Came As Strangers

In 2012 I formed a band called We Came As Strangers with my dear friends Ellem (vocals), Owen Thomas (keys and production) and Tim Harries (bass). We get together every year in a converted barn for a few weeks and make a record, write and record the whole thing in that time, and then release it. It's great fun and incredibly rewarding. It's a proper band in that we all write the songs and share any treasure, though it's mostly about us having a great time and making music we like, no 'trying to be' allowed.


We Came As Strangers - Recipe For Adventure (2013)

We recorded our first album in December 2012 and it was released May 2013. We had a lot of fun making it, so much so that we decided to make another :)

The CD is available on the justinguitar store (as is theTAB book) and also on iTunes.


We Came As Strangers - Shattered Matter (2014)

We released our second album in June 2014, more chilled out and we explored more soundscapes. We made a cool BASE jumping music video for the first single Freefall, and more singles to be released.

The CD is available on the justinguitar store and also on iTunes.


You can see all our music videos, hear all the songs on Spotify, see our music videos and keep up with all the latest news on the new album at


Solo Album

I'm working on a new 'guitar record' but so far my only full length album is a kinda folk pop thing... I wish I'd spent more time getting my vocals sounding better, learned a lot since then but y'know... was happy with it at the time.


Justin Sandercoe - Small Town Eyes (2010)

My first proper solo album came out in 2010, produced by Cesar Lavin. Had a lot of laughs and learned a lot making this record. Funny but other people like it more than I do, guess I just don't like my vocals, but there are some cool moments on it.

The CD is available on the justinguitar store and also on iTunes.



Other stuff

Well to be honest I've not had time to go through all these pages and check them and get them up to date but I will shortly!!

JS-100 • Listen To Justin's Songs
Links to audio files of my material on Soundcloud - old stuff mostly from 1st album.

JS-200 • Learn Justin's Music
I have made tabs and chord charts for many of my songs, some even have full in depth video lessons - again mostly first album.

JS-300 • Watch Justin Playing with other artists
Video's of me playing from my days working as a sideman with other artists - Katie Melua, Carla Bruni etc.

JS-400 • Justin's Band Project Videos
Proper video clips, live clips and other bits n pieces!

JS-500 • Justin's Pictures
Live pictures and from my studio recording sessions.

JS-600 • Justin's Music Links
Links to my band, studios and people I dig.

JS-700 • Justin In The Press
Press clipppings and stuff like that, needs updating like the rest of this section!







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