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Jazz Blues With Voice Leading

The Jazz Guitar Lessons

Voice leading is thinking about each note that you are playing as an individual voice that you try to move in a good way to the next note (like not putting in huge leaps).

Lets look at a simple chord idea and look at the possibilities. Say an C chord going to a G chord.

C Major = C E G
G Major = G B D

You can see that both chords contain the note G so that note will stay the same.
The C in C Maj will fall one Semitone to become B (the 3rd of GMaj).
The E in C Maj will fall a Tone to the note D (the 5th of G Maj)

That is the basic idea, obviously in this arrangement the harmonies are more complex, and I jump about a bit too to keep it musical. Try to figure out the function of every note in every chord. If you understand harmony it should not be too hard to see what is going on, and if you are just getting into harmony it will be a great exercise.

The Chords

This lesson will give you a greater choice of chords when playing a blues or jazz blues. Look at each individually and gradually work them into your playing.

Remember that the extensions are just that, a G13 is really just a fancy G7, a CMaj9 is just a fancy C chord and D min11 is just a fancy Dminor chord. Try to take some of these new chords and try to use them in a regular blues, they will give it that really nice Jazzy touch.

Write the chords out if you need to and try to commit them all to memory (use chord box paper).

Also look at the way the chords join together. This is quite piano-like, always trying to move to notes near to the ones you are playing.

Feel free to funk up the rhythm a bit too! make more cool by adding some variation...

Hope you dig on it .. :)

jazz blues 2


Lesson ID: JA-205