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Fall Off Trees

The Jazz Guitar Lessons

This chord progression is very similar to a popular jazz standard, Autumn Leaves, completely by accident of course.

I learned to walk the bass by doing two things. Firstly, I learnt some set tunes (by a guy called Barry Gailbraith I think) that my college teacher gave me, and then I went about transcribing some actual walking bass, from both bass players and guitarists like Joe Pass and Martin Taylor. Transcribing the parts is a very important part of the learning process and you should make sure that you don't skip that part. The classic Miles Davis Album "Kind Of Blue" has some great walking parts on them and there are some tunes that follow a blues pattern too - which is a good way to get into it (you should know your 12 Bar Blues harmonies by now).

The Trick

The "trick" to doing the chords and walking bass together is to learn some set II-V licks and the accompanying chords (which you will do by learning this tune!). You will find that there are many common chord progressions in jazz and once you have learnt some you will be able to adapt them to fit many different situations.

The Chords

Start by checking the chords shown below and try playing through the tune using just the chords, maybe playing 4 to a bar. You won't be able to walk a bass unless you can play all the chords easily first! The only slight strange chord is that sometimes I play the first chord (Am7) using only the first finger barre - that allows you to hold the chord longer while you play the bass with other fingers.

fall off trees chords

Listen up

Next have a listen to the audio below a few times and get the sound into your head so you know what you should sound like.

Fall off trees by justinguitar

Learning the piece

There is no fingering on the chart so you will have to work it out. Try to use your logic to figure them out, the one thing you might not think of is using the same finger to walk the bass to a new chord (like in bar 25 use the 2nd finger to walk up from the F#-7b5 to the B7). Experiment and find the right fingering for yourself. If you get really stuck, leave a message for me in the forum. Lastly there is no ending - you will have to work one out for yourself. It is written so that it can be cycled over and over.

Hope you enjoy it.

fall off trees music 1

fall off trees 2

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