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Intermediate Revision

The Intermediate Method

We've covered a whole lot of stuff in this Intermediate Foundation so before you are set free to run rampant on the Style Modules we really should have a look at all the things you should know!!



Chords (to be played with any root note)
• E Shape Grips: Major, Minor, 7, Minor 7.
• A Shape Grips: Major, Minor, 7, Minor 7.
• Triad Shapes, Major and Minor on strings 1/2/3

Scales (all played from memory and know the root notes!)
• Major Scale (Pattern 1)
• Blues Scale (Patterns 1)
• Hybrid Blues Scale (Pattern 1)
• Major Pentatonic (Pattern 5 and 1)

Rhythms (all to be used in a song)
• Play Straight 16th note pattern
• Play 16th note pattern using accents
• Play 16th note pattern using syncopation
• Play Spreads, Splangs, Chips
• Play Picked Fingerstyle

• Work out any note on the fingerboard (within a few seconds)
• Play a simple melody by reading notation
• Create Melodic Patterns and apply them to scales

• Use The Minimum Movement Exercise
• Play Scales With A Metronome
• Control String Noise (string muting techniques)
• Bend A String 

• Improvise a solo using The Major Scale
• Improvise a solo using The Blues Scale or Blues Hybrid
• Improvise a solo using The Major Pentatonic Scale 
• Use any finger on any note
• Play a Blues Bass Line

JUSTIN Method / Ear Training / Transcribing
• Distinguish Major, Minor, 7 and minor 7 chords.
• Transcribe easy melodies.
• Work out simple songs on your own.


You can do all that? You're intermediate man - now it's time to put it to use in the Style Modules and become a Playa!


Justin's Intermediate Guitar Method - Foundation Stages 1-5 DVD

Intermediate DVD

The 5 x DVD set for the Intermediate Foundation series comes with all the free Intermediate Foundation lessons found on the web site PLUS 3 DVD ONLY lessons for each stage, nearly 2.5 hours of extra material to help you to be as good as you can be, as fast as possible. Check out the main Intermediate Foundation page for the list of bonus lessons on each stage!

Sales of the DVDs allow me to keep the majority of the content free, so I hope will support the growth of this site too, for those that can't afford to buy stuff! :)

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