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Foundation 3 Practice Schedule + Goals

The Intermediate Method

We're now up to a 60 minute routine and we'll try and keep it to that for the rest of the Foundation Series but remember you can break it into two 30 minutes session on alternate days too! Don't forget:

• Use a timer (see PC-102 • Using A Practice Timer if you forgot it's importance)
• Break it into the two 30 minute sessions if you don't have time to do 60 minutes a day, or you find it too much at one sitting.
• Focus your practice on things you can't do, not what you can! Always practice most the things you are worst at!

Foundation 3 Practice Schedule (60 minutes or 2 x 30 minutes)

Barre Chord Grip (focus A Shape Major Grip) 5 mins
One Minute Changes 5 x 1 min
Major Scale With Metronome 5 mins
Major Scale One Finger Improv. Practice (with Backing Track) 5 mins
JUSTIN Method / Transcribing 10 mins
Building and Practice Of Melodic Patterns 5 mins
Awareness Of Muting Strings 5 mins
Rhythm Guitar (Patterns and application) 5 mins
Open Position Note Reading 5 mins
Songs and Repertoire 10 mins


Video Lesson


Things To Remember

Barre Chord Grip
We're now focused on the killer A Shape Major Barre grip. It's a tough one, no doubt about it. If you are one of the lucky few that gets it after a week, then rejoice for you are one of the chosen few ;) Most people (including me) struggle with this when they first try and play it. But you have to get over that, stick with and it will easy under your fingers in no time!

One Minute Changes
We're back to the traditional changes as fast as possible now between the E Shape and The A Shape - it's tricky but will help your development of the A Shape and also get your fingers used to your thumb changing position (don't think about it too much, but it will probably happen so you will have to get used to it!). Check the lesson for details on which changes you should be doing.

Major Scale With Metronome
You should still be working on playing your Major Scale in time with the metronome. I'm hoping you have it clean and even now and am working on bumping the speed up a bit if you can.

Major Scale Improvisation Practice
Time to try out the One Finger Solo idea and get that working good for you - really explore now - reach out and don't be scared, have fun with it. Let your ear guide you. You ear is your friend and will always tell you the truth when you brain will 'think' it knows the truth ;)

JUSTIN Method / Transcribing
Either do the exercises as described in the video and or work on transcribing the songs shown in the Songs For Foundation 3 page.

Building and Practice Of Melodic Patterns
As well as doing the one finger thing, you are also now learning to use melodic patterns to let your fingers find new and cool patterns, break up the muscle memory with things more interesting than playing scales up and down. Come up with a Melodic Pattern and then try and apply it. Lots of fun, may well give you a migraine, but will doing your playing loads of good.

Awareness Of Muted Strings
For this practice time I want you to play the major scale (or the Minor Pentatonic) up and down and listen out for the open strings. Let your awareness help stop it. Don't try too hard - if you really struggle then practice it real slow and focus on the tip of your finger muting the next door thicker string. You should find the Minor Pentatonic a bit easier if you find the Major Scale too tricky. It's a funny one this - I see people struggle with it all the time, but them somehow the awareness kinda takes over and they get it right. You have to understand it to let it happen I guess!

Rhythm Guitar
Check out or new slightly more complex pattern and apply it to some songs. If you are feeling confident, try and change it around a bit and make it your won. Those that have done the RUST DVD's should be able to start moving the blocks around and making up their own patterns.

Open Position Note Reading
This one is in here again, because most people need a while for this to soak in! If you are happy enough with your reading then skip this bit or exchange it for something you are not so hot on! Have a go at reading (slowly) the examples naming the notes on the stave, and then finding the notes on the neck. We're just after the basics here - not sight heading, but a basic understanding of what the dots are, where you play them. Most fun way is just to try and play a little tune!

Songs And Repertoire
There are some suggestions here, but feel free to use time to play songs you know already - especially songs that use the Major Barre Grips (145 anyone?) - there are lots to choose from now, so get stuck in there son!


List of things that you should be able to do before you move on.

• Be confident with all the 4 E Shape grips we've looked at and be getting there with the A Shape Major chord. Don't be stressing if it's not perfect yet - most people take a while on this one, but at least be able to get the shape down right - even if each note is not perfect yet!
• Get your one minute changes between E and A Shape Barre chords to about 20 change cycles a minute.
• Play the Major Scale Position 1 from memory with a metronome at least one note per click at 100 beats per minute.
• Play an improvised solo using the Major Scale using one finger for at least 3 minutes without hitting ANY wrong notes.
• Have made up at least 4 of your own Melodic Patterns and be able to play them with the Major Scale and Minor Pentatonic Scale.
• Be able to play the major scale up and down and be aware of any open strings ringing out and know how to stop them, not expecting it to be instinctive yet - but be aware of them and understand what to do to clean up your playing!
• Play the new 16th note rhythm pattern and apply it to a chord sequence (one you are confident with, can be open chords or a song that you know already).
• Be confident that you can find where to play any note on the music stave on the guitar, know it's name and do it in the right octave!
• Have learned at least one new song that contains an E and A Shape Major Barre Chords.

You there? Then time for Intermediate Foundation 4 :)


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