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Technique: String Muting Techniques

The Intermediate Method

Once you have learned how to play your scales and are getting on ok with that - it's time to look at how cleanly they are being played and how we can minimise unwanted notes.

Once you start using these techniques will be amazed at how much better you will sound. This technique is a difficult one to explain in text so I'm hoping the video will clear it up for you.

Don't let yourself get too tied up in this stuff though or you will make a real pigs ear of your playing. It is important, but it's also important that you let your hand do it on their own - thinking too much about it will leave your fingers in knots and your brain in a muddle! Be aware of the problem, and the solution, and then LET it fix itself!



The Lesson

The left hand has a lot more to do than just fret the note... maybe you remember back to the old days when you were learning your first chords? And remember how if one of your fingers was slightly touching one of the strings it shouldn't then that note would not sound... well now we are going to use this to our advantage!

Unless string muting is considered there are often open strings ringing out when people play. It makes a significant difference to the quality of a performance when it is played 'cleanly' and if you play with distortion these techniques are essential.

Generally the tip of the finger fretting a note will also touch the next thickest string in order to mute it! It's not EVERY time, but most of the time. Get used to feeling it there.


Time to look at some more rhythms...


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