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Foundation 1 Practice Schedule + Goals

The Intermediate Method

Righty-ho then... so we have a 50 minute routine here that should get you progressing nicely. Don't forget:

• Use a timer (see PC-102 • Using A Practice Timer if you forgot it's importance)
• Break it into the two 25 minute sessions if you don't have time to do 50 minutes a day, or you find it too much at one sitting.
• Focus your practice on things you can't do, not what you can! Always practice most the things you are worst at!

Foundation 1 Practice Schedule (50 minutes or 2 x 25 minutes)

Barre Chord Grip 5 mins
One Minute Changes 5 x 1 min
Major Scale Practice (Memorisation) 5 mins
JUSTIN Method / Transcribing 10 mins
Minimum Movement (Fretting Hand Focus) 5 mins
Rhythm Guitar (Patterns and application) 5 mins
Notes On Neck Using Octaves 5 mins
Songs and Repertoire 10 mins


Video Lesson


Things To Remember

Barre Chord Grip
Place the chord grip on the neck. Check each note is good and move fingers a little bit to get them in exactly the right place. Strum. Remove hand. Repeat to fade...

One Minute Changes
In Foundation 1 we're looking at moving the barre chord. Just place it down. Strum. Move it a few frets up and down (remember to lift then shift!). Make sure the fingers keep their position as you move the shape, don't let the fingers collapse, or get squashed up!

Major Scale Practice (Memorisation)
So this time should be spent playing the scale up and down, from memory. Getting used to it, so that it is a familiar path to walk down. Can also be practiced in the mind (but maybe don't use this 5 minutes for that!). Make sure you do it slowly and correctly, try not to let yourself make any mistakes AT ALL!

JUSTIN Method / Transcribing
Either do the exercises in the video and or work on transcribing the described material. 

Minimum Movement
As it says really - use as small movements as you possibly can. Really really small!

Rhythm Guitar
Start working on playing the pattern with just a single chord, get it feeling groovy, and then try and apply it to a chord sequence that you are confident with.

Notes On Neck Using Octaves
Just point at a note (or get a friend or partner to, they don't even need to play really!) and then work out the note a quick as you can. Don't forget to use the timer and make the 5 minutes really count. Concentrate!!

Songs And Repertoire
There are some suggestions here, but feel free to use time to play songs you know already - especially those that use major barre chord grips as that what this Foundation 1 is all about!


List of things that you should be able to do before you move on.

• Be able to play an E Shape Major Barre chord, anywhere between the 1st and 8th fret and have all the notes coming out clean 90% of the time. Minor chord grip should be almost as strong (but many people have a lingering issue with the note on the 3rd string, try and get it right, but don't get hung up on it!
• Be able to move the E Shape Barre up and down the neck without the shape collapsing (speed not so important, but not snail pace!)
• Play the Major Scale Position 1 from memory.
• Play the Major Scale Position 1 without too much excessive "flying fingers", or feel like you are correcting it.
• Play the basic 16th note rhythm pattern and apply it to a chord sequence (one you are confident with, can be open chords!)
• Be able to name any note on the neck within 10 seconds.
• Have learned at least one new song that contains an E Shape Barre Chord (Major or minor).

You there? Then time for Intermediate Foundation 2 :)


Justin's Intermediate Guitar Method - Foundation Stages 1-5 DVD

Intermediate DVD

The 5 x DVD set for the Intermediate Foundation series comes with all the free Intermediate Foundation lessons found on the web site PLUS 3 DVD ONLY lessons for each stage, nearly 2.5 hours of extra material to help you to be as good as you can be, as fast as possible. Check out the main Intermediate Foundation page for the list of bonus lessons on each stage!

Sales of the DVDs allow me to keep the majority of the content free, so I hope will support the growth of this site too, for those that can't afford to buy stuff! :)

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