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One Minute Changes

The Intermediate Method

All of you that did my Beginners Method should all be very familiar with this exercise!

Well this one is a little different because the TECHNIQUE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE SPEED. I know it goes a bit against the concept of the exercise when we first looked at it, so let me explain...

When shifting barre chord grips up and down the neck the fingers often collapse as they brush on the strings. This must be avoided!

Luckily this trick is real simple.

1. Play the barre chord. 
3. Slide the grip to the desired fret maintaining contact with the strings at all times. Too much pressure as you move and you will mush up the chord shape - it must be very gentle, only just touching!
4. Press down and play the new chord.
5. Repeat a lot until it becomes natural to do it this way.

Watch the video - get it right - and then practice lots!!




For this one you will be doing 5 x 1 minute. It can be more or less the same for each minute, but FOCUS ON THE THINGS THAT ARE HARDEST FOR YOU.

Start small, moving just 2 or 3 frets. For example you might do 1 minute of changing between the 3rd and 5th fret.

Time how many changes you are doing, but remember the technique is more important - speeding this one up if your fingers are collapsing is just a waste of time and may even do more harm than good.

So make sure those fingers have a good shape and then get sliding away!


Once you feel good with that it's time to check out the Major Scale!


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Intermediate DVD

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