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Intermediate Method Index

The Intermediate Method

Once you have completed the Beginner's Course, spent some time consolidating what you have learned and can play a bunch of songs, you are ready to embark on the Intermediate Foundation :)

Welcome to Justin's Intermediate Guitar Method :) I've tried out many different recipes trying to get the flavours just right! And I think now I have got a really solid, fun and progressive series together for you!

The idea here is that you complete the five "Foundation" stages which will give you all the basic techniques and skills you need to start work on the Style Modules, where you will put all those skills into practice! The reason being that I guess everybody wants to start working on different things at this level, not everyone wants to do jazz or thrash metal! So this way, you get the skill set and then apply it to styles you like.

Many of the lesson here are things that are already around the site but I know many of you struggle with getting the order right (and I would have too!!) the the big deal here is giving you some structure to the huge amount of things there are to learn on on our beautiful instruments!

There are some "Essential Development Modules" (like Effective Practice, Ear Training and Transcribing) that you can check out at any time, during the Foundation, or during the Style Modules - up to you - they are kinda independent of other stuff, but no less important.

Once you have finished five or more of the Style Modules you should be a "Player" and ready to to really fully explore any style that you wish to! Remember that there is never an end to learning, you just have to chose where it is you want to go and then figure out how to get there!

Before you start...

You should have completed:
• Justin's Beginner Guitar Method (or be able to do all the things listed in consolidation)
• PR-007 • Really Useful Strumming Techniques DVD (or be super confident at 8th note strumming)

Highly Recommended while doing (or before) this series:
• Practical Music Theory (or have a good understanding of basic music theory). 

Introducing the Justin's Intermediate Guitar Method

Intermediate Foundation 1

In this first stage of the Foundation we are looking at many of the concepts that we will be exploring through the other stages as we continue, Barre chords, 16th note rhythms, The Major Scale, Notes on the fingerboard - all sorts of interesting stuff. You should find these Intermediate Foundation stages take a little longer than the beginner ones did. There is more to do and many of the things will take longer to explore properly. Take your time and do it well - there is no hurry here! Hope you enjoy it!

IM-111 • E Shape Barre Chord Grip (Maj and Min)
IM-112 • One Minute Changes
IM-113 • Major Scale Pattern 1
IM-114 • Technique: Minimum Movement Exercise
IM-115 • Intermediate Rhythm Guitar 1
IM-116 • Finding Notes On The Neck Using Octaves
IM-117 • Songs for Intermediate Foundation 1
IM-118 • JUSTIN Method Training Exercises
IM-119 • Foundation 1 Practice Schedule + Goals

DVD Only Lessons - 32 minutes (lesson notes are found on the DVD as pdf files!)
IM-DVD-1A • Know Where The Notes Are: Fun and fast ways to learn the notes on the neck.
IM-DVD-1B • Major Scale Jam: Jammin in G Maj with Justin, and learn the chords in the Key of G.
IM-DVD-1C • Jam Session Secrets: How to have a great jam with your mates.

Intermediate Foundation 2

This stage we are looking to consolidate the E Shape Barre by learning a couple of extended shapes, looking at basic Improvisation techniques for the Major Scale. We're also looking at playing scales with a metronome, how to and why. We continue looking at 16th note rhythms with a look at accenting notes and get stuck into some basic note reading in the open position. Then there are some songs and transcribing and ear training to do. As before, lots to do, so go get stuck in!

IM-121 • E Shape Barre Chord Grip (7 and Min7)
IM-122 • One Minute Changes
IM-123 • Major Scale Pattern 1 - Basic Improvisation
IM-124 • Technique: Playing Scales With A Metronome
IM-125 • Intermediate Rhythm Guitar 2
IM-126 • Open Position Note Reading
IM-127 • Songs for Intermediate Foundation 2 
IM-128 • JUSTIN Method Training Exercises
IM-129 • Foundation 2 Practice Schedule + Goals

DVD Only - 36 minutes (lesson notes are found on the DVD as pdf files!)
IM-DVD-2A • Exploring Dynamics: Improve your improvisations with touch.
IM-DVD-2B • Reading Bach: Bach's Bouree in E Min: a great classical song for beginners!
IM-DVD-2C • The Concept Of Keys: how understanding keys helps you out!

Intermediate Foundation 3

The main goal in Foundation 3 is to get the A Shape Barre chord sorted out. But as well we are developing the major Scale a bit with a couple of great ways to break out of the box. We're looking at some more technique work with string muting and in the routines you will keep developing skills and techniques we've looked at already!

IM-131 • A Shape Major Barre Chord Grip
IM-132 • One Minute Changes
IM-133 • Major Scale Pattern 1 - One Finger
IM-134 • Technique: String Muting Techniques
IM-135 • Intermediate Rhythm Guitar 3
IM-136 • Building Melodic Patterns
IM-137 • Songs for Intermediate Foundation 3
IM-138 • JUSTIN Method Training Exercises
IM-139 • Foundation 3 Practice Schedule + Goals

DVD Only - 31 minutes (lesson notes are found on the DVD as pdf files!)
IM-DVD-3A • Unlock The Key: Know the chords in every key in an instant!
IM-DVD-3B • The Three Chord Trick: Now that is a whole lotta useful.
IM-DVD-3C • One Chord Jammin: Keepin it simple teaches you a lot more then you think!

Intermediate Foundation 4

Now we're going to finish off looking at the A Shape Grips we need and check out some cool blues tricks, the blues scale and making up cool blues bass lines (that you can use in many styles and for lead playing too!). We're also going to be looking at some more technique builders and adding percussion to your rhythm playing! Lot to do again in this module!

IM-141 • A Shape Min7, Dom7 and Min7 Chord Grips
IM-142 • One Minute Changes
IM-143 • Using The Blues Hybrid Scale
IM-144 • Technique: Bending Strings
IM-145 • Intermediate Rhythm Guitar 4
IM-146 • 12 Bar Blues Bass Lines
IM-147 • Songs for Intermediate Foundation 4
IM-148 • JUSTIN Method Training Exercises
IM-149 • Foundation 4 Practice Schedule + Goals

DVD Only - 32 minutes (lesson notes are found on the DVD as pdf files!)
IM-DVD-4A • To Escape, Follow The Chord: What to do when the key doesn't fit (using chord tones)
IM-DVD-4B • Bass Lines for Guitarists: Making up your own bass patterns.
IM-DVD-4C • Unison and Double Stop Bends: Bending to sound the same, or different!

Intermediate Foundation 5

Few more important skills to learn before you are set free on the Style Modules :) We're going to be learning to play triads all over the neck, the Major Pentatonic Scale and how to play and use hammer-on's and flick-off's. We're going to playing spreads, splangs and chips in rhythm guitar and learning how to play Picked Fingerstyle. Then the usual suspects, transcribing and JUSTIN Method exercises, more song and a solid practice routine :).

IM-151 • Triad Chord Grips
IM-152 • One Minute Changes
IM-153 • Major Pentatonic Scale
IM-154 • Technique: Legato Scale Playing
IM-155 • Intermediate Rhythm Guitar 5
IM-156 • Picked Fingerstyle
IM-157 • Songs for Intermediate Foundation 5
IM-158 • JUSTIN Method Training Exercises
IM-159 • Foundation 5 Practice Schedule + Goals

DVD Only - 21 minutes (lesson notes are found on the DVD as pdf files!)
IM-DVD-5A • Double Stops: What they are and how to use them!
IM-DVD-5B • Pentatonic Melodic Patterns: Cool sounding lick tricks using melodic patterns!
IM-DVD-5C • Watching Mistakes: A simple and effective method to improve your practice.


Now before you get excited and move on - check with this list and make sure you have all the bits. If not - it's time for some revision!!

IM-160 • Intermediate Revision: Stuff you should know by now!!

Where to?

Next up for intermediate player is to put these new skills into action with Style Modules. In my humble opinion a "player" should be competent in at least 5 styles. These can be chosen to suit your own taste of course. It's going to take me a while to get all of these style series finished I'm afraid, but I'm be working on it!

You should also check out the "Essential Development" series (below) which are other very important skills and can be looked at at any time after the Foundation Stages and will help you in all the Style Modules.

If you enjoyed the theory and understanding areas of the course so far, the follow on book from Practical Music Theory, called the Chord Construction Guide teaches you how to find all the important common chords in the CAGED System.

Essential Development Modules

These are modules you can look at at any time during or after the foundation stages or the style module work.

Aural Training 
Ear training is a REALLY important skill to develop, and doing the ascending melodic interval ear training series will really get your ear fit and ready for making great music! ;)

The CAGED System
The CAGED system is all about how the guitar works, the mechanics of the notes on the fingerboard and how they relate to each other. There are only really 5 shapes on the instrument and all chords and scales fit into them!

A full Transcribing module is in development now, but you can always just get stuck into the lessons presented on this page, it really is ESSENTIAL to learn to transcribe if you ever want to break out of Intermediate level playing and start doing it for real!


Essential Development Module - Master The Major Scale (DVD only)

Blues Lead Guitar

The Master The Major Scale DVD was made long before this Intermediate Method, but is a perfect progression, it teaches you how to make music from the Major Scale!! So many people learn scales without ever really understanding how to make music from them, which is what makes this course so different. It covers all 5 Patterns of the Major Scale, how to link them and exercises to help you make music with them!

I think this is one of the most valuable DVDs I have made and LOADS of people write in a tell me how much this has transformed their playing!


Style Modules - Blues Rhythm Guitar (FREE and DVD)

Blues Lead Guitar

The Blues Rhythm Course is a perfect follow on from the Intermediate Course, if you want to get into blues and jamming then getting your rhythm skills together is essential. Lots to be learned here as well as blues that will help with other styles and it's my humble opinion that the basics of many styles should be studied no matter what you want to play!

The Blues Rhythm Guitar DVD of this course offers an additional 3 lessons, 43 minutes worth (which I think are very useful, especially the Voice Leading Blues!) so you might want to check that out too


Style Modules - Essential Blues Lead Guitar (Module 1)

Blues Lead Guitar

Essential Blues Lead Course is the first module of my revised Blues Lead series. This set of lessens deals with all the essential vocabulary (licks), the alphabet (scales) and techniques you need to get started playing Blues Lead Guitar!

I would recommend that everyone do this module as many of the Blues techniques and licks form the foundation for many styles, it's loads of fun and you'll learn many skills that apply to other styles.

The Essential Blues Lead Guitar DVD set comes with a CD of great backing tracks to practice with and some BONUS DVD ONLY lessons!


Style Modules - Folk Fingerstyle Module (FREE and DVD)

Blues Lead Guitar

The Folk Fingerstyle Module was the first Intermediate Module I got finished, and is a thorough and deep look at learning fingerstyle guitar, creating melodies in your playing, the chord scale relationships and specific fingerpicking patters such as Travis Picking. I'm real happy with the course and have seen many students make excellent progress using it!

The Folk Fingerstyle DVD have 37 minutes of bonus lessons and a 28 minute lesson on my song Page 99 which contains many of the techniques covered in the course!!


Style Modules - Solo Blues Guitar (DVD only)

Blues Lead Guitar

Solo Blues Guitar DVD was the first DVD set we ever made, so it is in 4:3 screen ratio (not widescreen!) but these 9 solo blues songs go from complete beginner level to much more complex arrangements and once you have them mastered you can mix them up and play awesome solo blues style - they are fingerstyle based and this style is perfect if you will play by yourself a lot as the songs sound complete with just the one guitar!!


More STYLE MODULES - where are they? c'mon hurry up!!

They are coming, but as you can imagine I have rather a lot to do and a lot going on, and I'm very fussy about planning stuff well and also being confident that I'm teaching you well... and some things, like slide guitar I need to work on myself before I do lessons on it!

Planned for the future are in no particular order:

Jazz Rhythm, Jazz Lead, Reggae, Funk, Rock Rhythm, Rock Lead, Slide Guitar, Country basics and maybe some others as I think of them...

But I see this site as long term thing and will get things done well and properly planned out rather than rush things, so please be patient and know that you'll be getting good stuff when it comes!



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