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Wah Wah Roundup... on Guitar Gear

I love wah pedals, and so I have been borrowing many and testing them all out, been lots of fun. :) All of the playing on the review vids is just me jamming around, experimenting with the pedals, but that way you get too see them doing all sorts of stuff too. In this modern internet age, many of us buy pedals online, so these reviews are made to help you make your mind if you can't get to try out a whole heap and make up your own mind!

Sorry I was facing the side so you couldn't see me play guitar, will try and do them better for the ones that follow.

My fave is the Bud-Wah, but the one I won is the Keeley Mod Vox, which I like a lot too!

I will be doing some more soon and will try and include the popular Morley and Steve Vai types too! Just none of my friends have them to borrow!

Round up...

The pedals I have reviewed so far are:

Approx Price
Jus Rating!
Real McCoy RMC3
£200 ($250)
Budda Bud-wah
Vox / Keeley Full Mod
Ernie Ball Wah
G-Lab True Bypass Wah Pad
£99 ($

Lesson ID: GG-300