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Making the sound, louder,

Amplifier's generally make much more of a difference to the sound than the guitar! You can take a rubbish guitar, plug it into a great amp and get a great sound, but try it the other way, and expensive guitar into a cheap amp, and it will sound horrible... so Amps are where it's at for tone...

What that meant to me is a whole lot of spanking the plastic and having to have an 'Amp Room'.


I have quite a few amps, and there are more that I want too... the change in sound is huge and to tell the truth I still have not decided which one is "my" sound... guess that's why I'm still searching! So from oldest:


1967 Fender Vibro Champ (Blackface)
This is the sweetest vibrato ever, it's amazing. It's only a little amp but it's the sweetest little thing.


1973 Marshall JMP50
This was the last series of Marshalls that were point to point wired, but this one the wiring is on a kinda circuit board, but still hand done. Sounds amazing, one of the best I've had and don't imagine I'll ever sell this one.


1982 Fender Super Champ
The best low volume amp every, it's The Session amp, it gets a great dirty sound at a low volume and sounds incredible. It's the one often behind me in the videos (not the tweed one) but I tend to use one off to the side for recording.


1982 Fender Pinceton II
This might be the best amp in my collection, sounds amazing, really proper great sound, especially with my old Telecaster... I love it. It's not my 'main amp' (that's the Suhr Badger) but I use it a lot for recording and it's got an awesome clean sound!


1987 Fender Prosonic (Custom Shop, red)
I bought this off session monster Mark Johns in the late 90's, amazing sounding rock amp with three gain stages. I don't use it much these days but I don't really want to get rid of it.


2000 Suhr Badger 30
This is my main amp, I use this most days when I practice. It sounds great and has a wide range of sounds and does the sounds for most of my lessons. I have it plugged into a Dr Z Z Best 2 x 12 cabinet which sounds awesome - a lot better than it did with the 1 x 12" box that it came with...


2010 Two Rock Custom Reverb Signature v3
I really can't decide on this... it's got some great sounds but it's not quite me, I should sell it, but it's the most expensive amp I have so I feel like maybe I just haven't got the amp figured out yet... and maybe one day I'll get it sounding awesome!!



Acoustic Amps

I think that AER are BY FAR the best acoustic amps around. I've never heard an acoustic amp come even close to the warmth and richness these things get. Tommy Emmanuel uses them as do many of the great players in that style. If you need to amplify your acoustic I can't recommend these highly enough. I'm not endorsed by them, just think they are brilliant!

AER Domino

AER Portable thingy...


Amp like things...

Sometimes you just can't use an amp...

Mesa Rectifier Recording Preamp

Line 6 POD


Gone to new loving homes...

I don't like selling gear but amps are big and there were just too many here in the studio so some had to go.

198? Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120
This was a lovely first series of the JC amps with an amazing chorus, was just too big for the studio and I hardly ever use that amazing sound.

1977 Fender Twin (Silverface)
I love old twins but this went simply because I have a few Fender amps that do a similar sound at a lower volume!

1957 Fender Deluxe
I bought this as a project to fiddle about learning how to work on old amps, but never found time. So I took it to a pro, fixed it up and now it's moved on.



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