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The Funk Guitar Course

The Essential Funk Guitar Lessons

Welcome to The Funk Guitar Course! In this first module we're going to be exploring all the essential techniques, chords, rhythms and grooves you need to start playing and exploring Funk guitar. Funk Guitar is a LOT of fun and is often not technically difficult, it much more about groove and timing and getting good at groove is going to help you play in every style!

This is an Intermediate Module and I would suggest that you have completed the Intermediate Foundation before starting this course but there's little harm in trying it sooner - you just might find it a bit difficult, which can lead to frustration which is why I think learning stuff 'in good order' is a real good idea.

Do try to check out the recommended album each lesson too - listening to the great Funk masters is an important part of the journey and you'll learn a loads by listening a lot, it's easily the best way to absorb musical ideas!

FU-501 • Counting 16th Notes In Funk
OK, so I know this doesn't sound the most exciting start to a Funk course but it's REALLY important and without learning this foundation skill it will be very difficult to learn all the lessons that follow - so please give this 16th note counting the attention it deserves and you'll reap the benefits as we progress through the course.

FU-502 • Funk Strumming Technique & Mechanics
In this lesson we focus on the technique and mechanics of Funk Strumming because it's quite different from the standard strumming technique. The rotational movement of the arm means it must be more relaxed which helps with both speed and groove. I also show you a cool pick manipulation trick! :)

FU-503 • E9 THE Funk Chord
Of course there are many chords used in Funk but E9 is very common to get going with and is very commonly used!

FU-504 • Put Hits In Yer Scratches
So you can scratch, you can play E9, so now you're going to learn to add in 'hits' - basically you'll scratch all your 16th notes and press the chord down in specific rhythms - it's a seriously great exercise!

FU-505 • Grooves Using Hits And Scratches
Now you've been working on your Hit and Your Scratches and your E9 we put them all together into some grooves - a groove is a set pattern of hits and scratches you might play - random is not (usually) where it's at because all the band need to lock in together!

FU-506 • Funky Minor Chords
In this lesson we're going to checking out a Root 5 Minor 7 chord and variations you can use in funk. They're awesome fun and can be used in songs like Long Train Running (Doobie Brothers), Miss You (Rolling Stones), Sugar (Maroon 5) Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd) and thousands more of course.

FU-507 • Funk Concepts: Space, Sustain & Staccato
These three concepts are a big deal and understanding how they work and being aware of them in grooves you learn and in your own playing will really help your playing sit well, feel good and work with the rest of the band.

FU-508 • Side Sliding
Learning to slide into a chord is a well cool funk technique that's not too tricky and sounds awesome! So in this lesson we look at 5 example grooves to learn and get you going putting them into practice!

FU-509 • Single Note Lines
Single note lines weave in and out of funk grooves and there are a few ways that they can be played. So in this lesson we look at some of the ways to approach single note lines, techniques and why they're sometimes better than chords!

FU-510 • 10 Funking Awesome Funk Chords
In this lesson we're looking at 10 dominant chords you can use for your funk guitar playing - don't try to use all of them all the time, it gets too much - better picking a few making them groove!


That's the end of this season of Funk lessons - but I have some ideas for a second series to get going once I've done more work on the blues, rock and jazz courses!


Lesson ID: FU-500