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Minor Chord Scale Relations (Amin, Emin and Dmin

The Folk Guitar Lessons

Now we tangle the minor chords up with the scale...

We've already looked at the relationships between the 3 Major Chords in the Key of C (C, F and G) so now it's time to look at the Minor Chords in the Key of C: Am, Dm and Em. Once you have these you have pretty much all the commonly used chords in Open Position and the Major scale tied in so it's time to get exploring your Chord Melodies!

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Quick revision of the C Major Scale in Open Position first:

C Major Scale Open Position Guitar

Ok, lets get started with the A Minor chord. As usual, hold down as many chord tones as you can while you play the scale. The bracketed notes you can use too, but they are just less commonly used because the block the root note (the Open A String).

C Major Scale vs A minor Chord

Once you are cool with that lets check out E minor - nice easy and fun one...

C Major Scale vs E Minor Chord

Then it's time to look at the least used and some ways the hardest to use (just cos there are so few notes to get at easily... D minor.

C Major Scale vs D Minor Chord

And once you feel cool with these it's time to learn Waltzing Matilda in the next lesson which combines all the chords in the Key of C and the melody AND the Folk Fingerstyle Patterns!! Get them grey cells working now :)



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